Vegan Christmas Recipes - Veganska Julrecept

Here you find a bunch of Vegan

                  inspired recipes: 

                                                       Both in Swedish and English
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Fake salmon and flat bread     Saffron buckwheat      Waffle hearts               Vegan blood pudding

Waffle bites with toppings      Chocolate crackers        Three vegan pickles                Fudge



Wort waffles                    Black risotto with Pumpkin         Nut steak                    Saffron knots


Pasties                         Saffron pudding                    Vegan Saffron sushi            Christmas casserole


        Red luxury pears              Curry balls and fennel carrots                   Vegan hot dog with flat bread


Gluten free nut and apricot bread    Blueberry porridge    Root veggie gratin           Christmas pizza


Almond cheese                  Gingerbread cookies                Apple bread                     Wort bread


2 versions of Neatballs        Fruit and and bread


Other classic Christmas recipes are Rice porridge, to make it vegan you simply swap the milk to fat Oat milk, baking cakes with butter you simply swap to vegan margarine or oil. It's not complicated, try!


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